September 18, 2007

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Device Independent Virtual Environment - Reconfigurable, Scalable, Extensible

- An Open Source Virtual Reality Toolkit

DIVERSE is a cross-platform, open source, API for developing virtual reality applications that can run almost anywhere. DIVERSE currently runs on Linux, IRIX, Windows XP, and Mac OS X. The goal of DIVERSE is to enable developers to quickly build applications that will run on the desktop as well as various immersive systems. To avoid hindering development DIVERSE is designed without the “center of the universe” paradigm; you only use the parts of DIVERSE that you need. This allows DIVERSE to interact with many other APIs and toolkits like, OpenGL, OpenSceneGraph, SGI OpenGL Performer, and Coin.

DIVERSE provides:

  • A common user interface to interactive graphics and/or VE programs. Using DIVERSE the same program can be run on CAVE™, ImmersaDesk™, HMD (Head Mounted Display), desktop and laptop systems without modification.
  • A common API to VE oriented hardware such as trackers, wands, joysticks, and motion bases.
  • Many other tools such as “remote shared memory “, message passing, and collaboration tools.
  • Basic “cluster” support through DADS
  • DIVERSE includes user applications to load, view, and navigate models in the CAVE as easily as the desktop.

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